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Like/Reblog for August Blog Promotions


Likes and reblogs both count as entries, you can reblog as many times as you like!

Deadline: July 27th

Promoters: dewusionalscrewufanwufanqin, yifantasia

Promo duration: 1 week featured on each of our blogs for the month of August


  • Read and follow all rules stated here;
  • This promo is meant for our followers, so you must be following all four of us in order to be chosen - if not, you will be disqualified;
  • Must be a k-pop, k-fashion, photography, anime/manga and/or fanfiction blog;
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baekhyun’s forehead kiss in singin’ in the rain
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Are you a noodle? Are you an exo fan?
Well thank you came to the right place! So join the exo-noodleclub!!

What’s a Noodle Club?

The exo-noodleclub is a network dedicated to all those exo fans out there who are just a little bit noodle-ish! This whole network is made to meet other noodle fans and become one big noodle family~

How do I become apart of the noodle fam?



  • Track the exonoodleclub tag
  • Add a visible link of the network on your blog
  • Message us with your social media account ID’s 
  • Add all other members!

Now What?

  • If you fit everything go ahead and Apply !!!
  • Reblog this post and pass it on
  • Add everyone on the contact page!
  • Have fun as a part of the noodle fam!

Disclaimer: Once we get a few more members we’ll be doing more interactive stuff so be sure to join and spread the word!!!

Apply   l    Shoot me a Q if you need help!

Peace out from the noodle mama

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[TRANS] SM new 4-member girlgroup to have a surprise debut next month, concept between SNSD and f(x)

I told you guys none of you listened

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exo's powers 6/12
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